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DNSSEC with bind 9(.11) on debian 10(.1)

Since I needed hours to configure dnssec (because of one little failure), I made here a little write-up (in short). Configuration # vi /etc/bind/named.conf.local add file “/var/lib/bind/”; key-directory “/var/lib/bind/”; auto-dnssec maintain; inline-signing yes; to your domain # vi /etc/bind/named.conf.options add … Continue reading

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Debian Linux: remove orphaned packages

deborphan command finds packages that have no packages depending on them. The default operation is to search only within the libs and oldlibs sections to hunt down unused libraries. 1$ deborphan -sz Where, -s: Show the sections the packages are … Continue reading

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Install Debian

Contents 1 Minimal Net-Install 2 First Boot 2.1 Updating the System 2.2 Installing SSH Daemon 3 Installing Development Environment 4 Installing VirtualBox Guest-Additions 5 Installing Additional Software 5.1 Commandline Tools 5.2 Commandline Editors 5.3 X11 (only ssh-port-forwarding) 5.4 GUI Tools … Continue reading

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Email notification with cron-apt via mailx

1. Install and configure cron-apt 1# apt-get install cron-apt bsd-mailx ssmtp    # Or msmtp We want only be notified of new updates. We want not to install them automatically. All settings are optimal for this action by default. And … Continue reading

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