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Tor – How to blacklist

Tor An anonymous Internet communication system is used to surf quiet anonymously through the net. Because of it’s anonymity it is also abused for illegal activity. Below you will find information about how you can denied access from Tor to … Continue reading

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Tinycore – Installing IPv6 enabled Nameserver

Installing IPv6 12tce-load -wi ipv6- tce-load -wi ipv6- Installing bind9 Prepare the system 12345sudo addgroup -g 53 -S bind sudo adduser -h / -g "bind9 daemon" -s /bin/false -G bind -S -D -H -u 53 bind sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/etc/bind … Continue reading

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Tiny Core Linux – Shrink your Virtual Machines to nothing

This is a little HowTo creating a really small (<10MiB) VMWare image based on Tiny Core Linux with openssh installed. It also explains how to create packages and install your own extension-repository... enjoy and have fun! Please comment... Continue reading

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VMware ESX Hacks

Sniffing Virtual Machines tcpdump TCPDUMP ist nicht per default beim ESX Server dabei, aber auf der ESX Server-CD gibt es im Pfad <CDROM>/RPMS die ganzen Tools. Einfach tcpdump-xyz.rpm mit rpm -ihv tcpdump-xyz.rpm installieren. Aktivieren von Sniffing For sniffing all traffic … Continue reading

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