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rsync: protocol version mismatch — is your shell clean?

Again and again (over years) I’m running in this error-message on my terminal. All the good pages in the web are telling me that I have an edited .bashrc. But that isn’t true. So now I write it down; for … Continue reading

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SELinux, Samba, rsync and (maybe) others

Those who installed Samba on Fedora or any other SELinux enabled distribution may have faced the problem when they actually cannot access any Samba shares from their Windows machines. Samba logs in /var/samba/log may show lots of such messages: [2007/07/03 … Continue reading

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Rsync server

Installing and running an rsync server Go and find a rsync-package for your distribution. Install it! (what else? 😉 Use these config files as a base: $ vi /etc/rsyncd.conf   uid = nobody gid = nobody use chroot = no read … Continue reading

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