Avidemux – How to add an second audio track (Dual Audio)


Caution: Avidemux can only handle one audio track internally. Nonetheless, there is a way to add a second audio track, with limited support and no processing at all on that second audio track. The second audio track must be CBR, that is MP3 CBR or AC3. It only works when the output format is “AVI, dual audio”.


Adding a second audio track after ripping the movie.

  • Select the audio track You wish as the second from the Audio-menu as Main Track. You will see there what type of audio it is (e.g. AC3, MP3, LPCM, …).
  • Then go to the Audio tab and Save it as it is (e.g. 2nd_track_german_ac3-5.1.ac3).
  • If You don’t have an ac3 or mp3 (cbr) file now, You must convert it. You can use Audacity for that.
  • Finally; to add a second audio track, use the Audio > Second Track menu item. After selecting it, set the output format to “AVI, dual audio”.

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